Amritsar- Food, Places, and Phulkari

Hey All,

Today I am going to take you through my experience of visiting Amritsar the heart of Punjab, which is rich in culture and is also a spiritual center of Sikhism in the world. This place has also witnessed the freedom struggle at one point of time. People from world across visit here to see its culture and the much talked “The Golden Temple” the holiest shrine of Sikhism which is originally known as Harmandir Sahib. Golden Temple represents the religion and faith that people have. Its one of the most sacred place that I have been so far. It was so peaceful and beautiful that one could sit for hours and enjoy the view.

Golden Temple is a gold plated temple and surrounded by a small lake where devotees offer prayers and take a holy dip in water. People from all religion visit. No matter you are religious or non-religious you could not miss out on this beautiful sacred place.

You would see a long queue to get inside the golden temple but it is so disciplined that you would not mind waiting to be inside the temple.

As we entered the temple our eyes were wide opened and we could just not stop praising this beauty. It was an unbelievably gorgeous. Taking photographs are prohibited so I do not have one to share but my eyes could not believe that it could be this beautiful.

Our next stop was Jallianwala Bagh, This place witnessed the Indian Freedom Struggle on 13th April,1919. A dreadful day when peace protesters were shot down on the orders of Brigadier General Reginald E.H. Dyer of the British Colonial Army. As I entered through a narrow lane I saw the bullet marks of firing on walls and then to imagine one self that if you get trapped and at this narrow exit you see people firing at you how helpless it was to escape. A shiver ran through my spine and my eyes were filled with tears.

One of the most touching site was Martyr’s Well where young men & women with children jumped to escape the shooting and ended their life. My heart was so heavy but I was proud of my fellow Indians who sacrificed their lives for our future. They fought bravely for freedom. I salute to them.!

Next was Wagah Border where every evening our Border Security Forces(BSF) and Pakistan Rangers(Pakistan) holds a lowering flag ceremony together which symbolizes rivalry as well the brotherhood between the two countries. Quite a patriotic experience.

Amritsar is also famous for its Phulkari work and Jutis. I so much wanted to take and finally my wish was coming true. Amritsar is full of such markets where you get all varieties of Phulkaris that range from Rs.600 to 4000 and more. We went to core markets of Amritsar and get the best of Phulkari Jackets, Duppattas and Jutis.

I enjoy wearing this Phulkari Jacket with my ethnic as well as western outfits. I pair it with kurti and jeans with a touch of Boho Jewelries. In love with this neck piece and Chand Bali.

I paired this beautiful Phulkari Dupatta with Patiala Suit and Silver Oxidized Jewelry. The cost of this dupatta was Rs.800 and I loved the fabric.The thread work is handmade thus it costs more. If you are going to these core markets you have to bargain alot.

The colors of duppattas were so vibrant. I ended up taking 4-5 dupattas in one go. How beautiful is the work. So fine and so beautiful it is. I wore these dupattas with silver jewelery, kohlapuri chappals and my favorite pair of glasses.

Amritsar is also known for its delicious mouth watering punjabi food like pindi chole, kulche, kulfi, lassi and yummy jalebis. Amritsar has some of the best street food of India.

So my day started with Thandi Lassi from Shastri Market which was not only delicious but refreshing. It gave me a boost to explore more through the streets. And then I headed to have a crispy tikki from Brijwasi Chaat. A very famous chaat shop and one of the oldest one in Amritsar.

Followed by the most famous restaurant “Bade Bhai ka Brother’s Dhaba” a pure vegetarian restaurant where we had lunch. Every bite was delicious and I couldn’t stop eating. If you are a food lover you cant afford to miss out on this one.

If you are a non- vegetarian then you can’t have a better option than “Beera Chicken House”.  The true taste of Amritsari Chicken can be tasted here.

At “Makhan” you can get the best of fish dishes and also chicken. So one can make a choice and order as per what they wish to eat.

Also afternoons can be more delicious with mouthful of Jalebis from the famous corner “Gurdas Ram Jalebian Wale”. Being in Amritsar is a bliss. Its all about good culture, good food and good people.

Visiting Amritsar was a wonderful experience and I would cherish each moment spent there and relish the taste of street food forever.